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It's about time we got an alumni association! I was wondering how long our school could last without turning to its alumni for financial support. I expect it will take some time before it evolves into a thoroughly effective program. Oh well. I don't plan to donate until I graduate from college. -.-

Good news for them, my strongest ties are to NTHS and it is the only place I would consider donating to (even above my current university.) How long will it be before they start an endownment program? =D

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Hi there.

Welcome to the group for New Techies. Though I doubt many people will end up here. Communities aren't as prominent on LiveJournal as groups are on MySpace. You'd kind of have to go searching for it.

If anybody wants to put something in the About Me or Interests, feel free to tell me. I tried to include a fairly decent set of keywords (though a couple of them are inside jokes; the cannibalism one, for instance).