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Maybe it's not interesting, but it's school-related :P - Newest News from New Tech...
January 22nd, 2005
11:04 pm


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Maybe it's not interesting, but it's school-related :P
Since (as seems to be the fate of communities like this) this is just sitting around, I may as well post something random school-related. So, here's the ASB meeting notes from Wednesday. :D

Meeting started at: 9:15

President: Paul Butts - present
Vice President: Andrew Hobbs - present
Treasurer: Richard Fisk - present
Secretary: Christina Lee - present
Director of Activities: Bret Eagleston - present
Tech Liason: Fred Meyers - present

Advisory Reps
Ms. Chacon - Arlina Medina:

Ms. Pacheco - Anthony Kozlowski:

Ms. Pollack - Josh Kling: present

Mrs. Stepp – Ian Lord: present

Mr. Bozeday – Matt Morrison: present

Margaret Dennett – Aaron Diegel: present

Ms. Hale – Julia Callaghan: present

Mr. Paisley - Tyler Tulsky: present

Mr. Little – Brianna McGee:
Michael Lichtenstein:

Mr. Doughtery - James Lavoy: present

Mr. Golyn - Max Reis: present

- Casablanca
- Love aspect
- Takes place in a club
- make the location look as much a like the club as possible.
- 1940's there is a bar there, and we're going to have casino tables
- Gentlemen and Escorts
- Dealers
- Pokers
- Black Jack
-$2100 for decorations and gifts
- Cut the DJ Cost
- If we need mroe money we have it
- Get parents to volunteer as dealers
- Parents and teachers as chaperones
- Freshmen parents as chaperones
- Christmas lights - sent out a letter to the parents club for donations
- Link of the movie:
- Have a movie night for Casablanca

Budget Report:
- Pam Tuthill deposited money
- $2900 in our account

Does anybody need money?
- Robotics needs money

Do bands at tech want to play one day at lunch?
There is going to be another battle of the bands
- We need more notice
- need to be together more than 2 weeks
- try out first
- better organized
- Talent show will be more organized

- Throw water balloons at teachers contest
- Bowling club going
- it should be at school
- Halo Tournament
- permission to have it after school 3 until
- Turnabout dance
- Ask advisorys for ideas

Valentines day dance
- Alaina saying that they';re planning to have it on Feb. 11th

- Talking to Mrs. Stepp
- getting started next week
- wednesdays in rm 1
- Haven't had a chance to talk to Laborde

How do you feel about how the school has gone about correcting the problems here?
Last week we discussed: “How do you feel about how the school has gone about correcting the problems here? Why?
Now: Is there other ways we can go about fixing the problems we have been seeing? Is what we are doing now is not working?
- Juniors how do you feel?
- It's going bette4r
- there are things that aren't getting solved
-it's not jsut students it's teachers too
- Teachers ruined grades
- Some are hard graders
- There are zeros next to a lot of the assignments
- Talk to Morrison about their situations.
- What are kids doing?
- Where is the student accountability?
- There are a lot of people cruising the internet
- How are people dealing with the situations?
- Morrison: Not well
- Not dicipline level of work
- Don't feel good about the enviornment at this school
- It used to be different
- How do you get teachers adn students to feel good about being ehre
- We are not handling it very well
- 32 suspensions
- nag and suspend
- It's like at Vintage
- it's a horrible approach we have right now
- Students are not being productive
- The bulk of the suspensions are the junior class
- The number osf referrals is 80% of the Jr. class

- A lot of the newer teachers would rather refer tehm than talk to them
- Most teachers will wrarn students

- "Why are we here" type of attitude in both teachers and students

- Hard time figuring out what homework was
- Teacher asked students what they need to change
- Student feedback

- Doesn't really know what's going on
- They don't know if there is anything that they can do to help.

- What we are doing now is not tha effective.
- students are missing out on the opportunity that this school is giving some of the other people becaus eof their misbehavior.
- Students are more likely not to do something if they are nagged at
- Both the teachers and students need to get Positive attitude

- Don't feel like a lot of teacher have a lot of resepect because of the way they handle situations
- It takes work on both parts to improve.

- Do you think that it's not so much of the act, but the consistency of it?

- How do you feel about students causing problems?
- We think that things are improving a lot
- Haven't heard of things getting stolen
- There are a "couple of bad apples"
- They're their friends, so they don't want to say anything

- Students acting up in class is better

- Bring the idea up for advisory.

-We need to do something that involves the teachers
- Have a teachers team
- New Tech ice block race

- Movie night
- Next Thursday

- Fundraiser for Key Club
- Donuts in advisory

- We need to find a way to make people be more enthusiastic about advisory
- What is advisory for?

- Will You Eat it Contest

- Big difference btwn this school from last year
- We need more funner advisory activties, to go out and interact with other advisorys

Meeting ajourned at: 9:56 am

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Date:September 24th, 2005 03:06 am (UTC)
haha, fun stuff!
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